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Discovery Education Hot Topics Webinar Series

The Discovery Educator Network is proud to host a webinar series for educators interested in learning more about hot topics in education. Join us for a 1-hour webinar each month, as we explore and uncover many ways Discovery Education resources can help you seamlessly integrate your new found knowledge. Spring Schedule All sessions will be

Invention Convention: A Look into African American History

Black History Month is important for all students no matter their race. African American history is in fact American history. Help your students understand the importance of some of the extraordinary individuals of African American History by putting a fun spin on the lesson. Lesson Title: Invention Convention: A Look into African American History Ask

The first podcast

So one of the things that Mr. Dembo and I have discussed is the idea of doing cool stuff. I’m not sure if this is cool but it was fast. So there you have it. It’s just Steve and I talking/rambling.We hope to make this a regular occurrence, introducing me and you to the some

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 02/03/2012

Mission 1 | Mission US | THIRTEEN As Nat Wheeler, learn about the difficult decisions colonists made a they decided to fight for or against the British crown! A beautiful interactive and a fabulous way to learn about US History. Tags: interactive, game, resources, elementary, history, american revolutionary war, american history – By Mary Phillips

Science Assessment Manager: Student View

Recently, the Techbook Team took a look at the Science Assessment Manager and through educator feedback, rolled out a few new features.  If you are currently using the Science Assessments, this will be a welcome change.  The only way for you as the teacher to see the features, is by logging in as one of

Thoughts and Learning from CCIRA (part 1)

It is a snowy day in Denver, but things are warm and bright here at the Colorado Council International Reading Association conference.  Yesterday was the kick off with an eye opening speech and presentation by David Allington called “We can teach them all to read but will we?”  One of the more shocking statistics he

You’re probably a Star and don’t even know it

Are you a Canadian? Does your school or district subscribe to Discovery Education? Then the fact that you’re reading this let’s me know that you’re likely a Star. Let me explain. Discovery Education is committed to helping teachers connect with one another. The way we do this is through the DEN or Discovery Educator Network.


If you are a looking for an excellent clearinghouse of ready-to-use technology tools in your classroom, look no further than Classtools.net. Here are some of my favorite tools in the ClassTools toolbox.   The Random Name Picker: My students call this the fruit machine. You can input any list of terms, and the Fruit Machine