The first podcast

So one of the things that Mr. Dembo and I have discussed is the idea of doing cool stuff. I’m not sure if this is cool but it was fast.

So there you have it. It’s just Steve and I talking/rambling.We hope to make this a regular occurrence, introducing me and you to the some of the things and people in Discovery. We may be looking for some ideas and topics to explore. Leave your name in the comments and Steve will choose one of you and give away a lovely prize.



  1. Robin Talkowski

    Love the informality of it. It sounds like eavesdropping with permission!

  2. Donna Criswell

    My recently retired Superintendent dubbed me the “Queen of Cool”.. I included that on my DEN Trading Card, because I am so very proud of that distinction. He’s now an interim at a local district and contacted me to share that someone tried to convince him not to drop DEStreaming due to budget issues. They proceeded to argue the value of DE.. he stopped the conversation mid-sentence and said “No need to go on.. you had me at Donna Criswell” Now THAT is cool… I am a long-standing advocate!

    I think your podcast idea is great and knowing Steve, will be a boatload of fun :) I can’t wait and I’m happy to share, or co-share, with some of my go-to teachers!

  3. Dan Wachal

    I’m really looking forward to more of this. Thanks for sharing your conversation :)

  4. Elizabeth Jones

    I love this idea of doing a podcast to keep us updated of what is going on at Discovery Education!

    Keeping us up to speed with current contests/sweepstakes, and free resources that are available!

    I say yay to the podcasts! Thanks for doing it! :)

  5. Neene

    The idea has some serious merit. Something fluid that can change as needed. Announcements, how-tos, showcase of a great project, the potential is definitely there.

  6. Stacy Belson

    Love this idea!! I love Discovery! Thanks

  7. Lindsay Foster

    I love the idea of a Discovery Educ. podcast. It’s already an incredible resource, but being able to download a podcast and hear what’s up and coming, how to, etc. would be awesome. Heck I’d listen during my conference period just to incorporate stuff as I wrote lesson plans.

  8. robcfisher

    just listened to your podcast guys. Thanks. This will help me understand what your doing with Discovery Learning, and I too have a teacher-spouse (gr 2) that keeps me grounded! Is that a secret of being innovative? Having people around you that tell you to shut up? I think so.


    Keep it casual. Add the opportunity for us to ask questions.

  10. Chad

    Nicely done gentleman.

  11. Steve Dembo

    As promised, I’m going to send a ‘lovely prize’ to a commentator. Since I didn’t want the pressure of hand picking a comment, I let a co-worker here draw a random number. And the winner is…. Elizabeth Jones! Will be contacting you to send you your lovely prize :)

  12. Kyle Schutt

    “The Godfather”, eh? I like it.

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