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A Simple Comparison: Textbooks, Digital Textbooks and the Techbook

A Simple Comparison: Textbooks, Digital Textbooks and the Techbook

Here’s my ToonDoo-inspired take on the differences between classrooms that are driven by books (digital or otherwise) and those that are driven by inquiry-based instruction.  And yes, I work for Discovery and love our DE Science Techbook.  Plus, I spent about 10 hours in three browsers creating this cartoon, and as a result I plan

APP ATTACK! 60 Apps in 60 Minutes with Brandon Lutz & Scott Snyder

Are you ready for the fastest 60 minutes on the planet? Is there a faster conference session anywhere? Yes, if you count Brandon Lutz‘s legendary 60 in 60 crowd pleaser, possibly the most popular session at PETE&C any year. Lutz and his co-presenter Scott Snyder, both DEN STARS, have achieved legend status, famous for a

iPad, uPad, wePad – Come Discover

Are you ready for this? A whole morning of hands-on iPad learning! Join us for a morning of learning ranging from the beginner to the learner who wants ideas of how to incorporate this new tool into projects and advanced learning. Choose from 3 sessions of 45 minutes with time for sharing and lunch included.

Join Discovery Education at ASTE 2012!

Join us at ASTE 2012 in Discovery Education’s dedicated suite in Hotel Captain Cook Tower II to find out more about how we’re transforming classrooms, empowering educators, and captivating students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, digital content.  Spread the word with this DE_2012_ASTE_flyer! Sunday, February 26  8:30 – 9:30 AM –

Opportunities for Iowa Middle School Science Teachers

There is a great opportunity for middle school science teachers to learn about about biofuels and bionewables on the campus of Iowa State University. The 3 week academy is full of hands on lab activities, field trips to local industries, and presentations by experts in the field of biofuels and biorenewables. There is a weekly

MashUp: ToonDoo and Discovery Education

Are you looking for a fun way to integrate technology with a research project?   Try using ToonDoo.com with DiscoveryEducation.com resources to create factual comic strips! Start by using DiscoveryEducation.com with your students so they can learn about their topics.  Discovery has a variety of content for your students to explore (videos, articles, handouts, interactives, audio, songs,