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Data Collection Tip To Explore

Looking for ways to make sure that all of your students can show what they know and can do on assignments, quizzes or probes you build within Discovery Education? As we try to collect reliable and actionable data from our students, we sometimes worry whether our items become a test of English language understanding rather

Apps Apps Everywhere, But Which One Do I Choose?

“There’s an app for that.” How many times have you head that phrase? According to the Apple web site, “There are over 500,000 apps, for work, play and everything in between. The more apps you download, the more you realize there’s almost no limit to what your iPhone/iPad can do.” So the question is how

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 2-27

First and foremost we’ve upgraded our ISSUU.com account (that snazzy site that allows you to view this document online) so that you no longer see ads on the side AND you can open now open Matt’s Tips and Tricks on an iPad! Second – don’t forget to register for, and upload your student videos to,

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 02/27/2012

iPad Creative – iPad Creative Blog – How to: Use Pages for iPad with Most Cloud Services Tags: ipad, cloud, pages, dropbox, tutorial A List of Great Free Educational Android Apps for Teachers and Students Tags: no_tag TIPS MERAWAT LAPTOP Waloetz Go Blogg! TIPS MERAWAT LAPTOP – Sebagai seorang mahasiswa seperti saya sekarang ini, laptop sudah

Prezi U

As many of you know, Prezi is a great presentation tool and an excellent change of page from PowerPoint or Keynote.  I’ll be you didn’t know about a new community site that’s been recently created for everything Prezi in Education.  It’s called Prezi U.  Take a look at this post, from the Prezi U site

NETS for Students…. What?

In education, we have standards for all curriculum areas. But did you know about the NETS standards? The following are the NETS standards for students. ……. Really? I don’t have time for this too! Is this another bandwagon that you want me to jump on? ……. The NETS are really about transforming education in an