Daily Archives: March 3, 2012

Cathy Houchin Shining WI DEN STAR

  Cathy Houchin has been integrating DE Resources and tools for the last 7 years,serving on the leadership council for the last 6 years. Cathy is an experienced music teacher, having taught grades K-12, choir, music and band.  She currently teaches K-5 Music in the Watertown School District, inspiring young learners to express themselves through 21st

Everloop: “Facebook” for the Tween Generation

Everloop is designed to provide a safe environment for tweens to become a part of a social network. They can connect with friends, loop together based on interests, play games, and even play a prank by virtually “tp-ing” a friend. Everloop allows tweens to be involved without exposing them to some of the risks that