Learning with FUN in the SUN!


Spring is just around the corner and the weather will soon warm up outside. Kids love outdoor activities and the change of scenery can be used as a tool of engagement. Try bringing a Math, English/Language Arts or Science lesson to LIFE by dropping children in the blooming environment of Spring as they learn and have FUN in the SUN!

Lesson Plan Ideas

Planting Seeds

Students can plant and observe the growth of the seeds. This can become an evolving lesson in which the students check in on their seeds at a designated time interval. Have the students make a chart and measure the growth of their plant with a ruler.

Students can watch the Magic School Bus video segment Planting the New Seed to understand the growing process.

Springing Forward

Students can learn why we Spring Forward with the video Daylight Savings, Taxes, and Liberty Bonds. Have students complete a Creative Writing exercise explaining how they would spend one hour, if they could do anything they wanted. Set criteria to make sure they are being descriptive and useful with their time.

Flying a Kite

Always a favorite. Every child should experience flying a kite. What makes a kite fly? Have students watch the video How It’s Made: Electrical Panels, Kites, Eyeglass Frames, and Toothbrushes (kite segment) to learn about the production of kites. Students can bring in their own kite from home on a nice windy day and have fun in the sun. Learning about weather can also be added to this lesson. What type of weather is needed to fly kites?

Do you have other FUN in the SUN lesson plan ideas? We’d love to hear about them. Success stories about the lesson plan ideas above are also welcomed!



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