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  1. Energize… find an PadCamp or EdCamp!

    It is the last day of our school districts spring break.  I have had a chance to spend a ton of hours in bed (if you know me.. this is NOT a common occurrence at all)  I am trying to get energized for the next few months of school.    How do you energize yourself to be […]

  2. 25 Free Resources from Discovery Education

    25 Free Resources from Discovery Education 1. New Teacher Survival Central – 2. Curiosity – explore and learn a variety of topics – 3. Clip Art Gallery – free clip art – 4. Energy Balance 101 – get and keep students healthy – 5. The Road Ahead – energy lessons and […]

  3. Social Learning Summit – free virtual conference April 21, 2012

      Discovery Education’s Discovery Educator Network runs a variety of professional development sessions each year. These are usually online sessions with live meet-ups also planned. For this Spring, they are doing something different instead of the normal Spring Virtual Conference. The DEN is partnering with Classroom 2.0 to present the Social Learning Summit. Steve Hargadon, of Classroom 2.0, […]

  4. List of What Makes a Good Teacher – created by students

    This “what makes a good teacher” created by a group of high school students.   treat students with respect be enthusiastic know your stuff be available for extra help use multimedia resources and multiple resources for students connect with students/ form relationships interact with students- outside school activities, talk about their personal lives real life connections […]

  5. Business/Manufacturing ideas applied to education

      Business and Manufacturing Practices in Education. It’s not a new idea, but I’m not talking about treating students like a product. I’m talking about some business and manufacturing processes that can help with other aspects of education. I’ve written about this before, but covering different ideas.   United Technologies Corporation has a quality program called […]

  6. No Place For Hate! A Challenge

    Discoverystreaming Resources for Bullying

    Defined by, “Bullying can happen anywhere: face-to-face, by text messages or on the web. It is not limited by age, gender, or education level. It is not a phase and it is not a joke. Bullying can cause lasting harm.” Unfortunately, bullying exists, and school systems throughout the country attempt to face the problem […]

  7. Seasonal Science Stream Lesson Plan Webinar: Mars Madness, A Lesson on the Eath, Moon and Solar System Archive

    Each month the Techbook Instructional Implementation team brings you the Seasonal Science Stream, a live broadcast of classroom activities, demonstrations and digital resources. We precede the Live Stream with a Lesson Plan Webinar. This month’s topic is the Earth, Moon and Solar System. The lesson plans can be found on our Seasonal Science Stream wiki, […]

  8. NCIS Star Promotes Science, Engineering and Technology

    Pauley Perrette is probably one of the COOLEST television scientists around in her role as Abby on NCIS. It is awesome that she has connected herself to this campaign. This spot is an awesome way to send the message to EVERYONE about the importance of Science Engineering and Technology education. To find out more about […]

  9. Blended Learning is “Sblended”

    This past week, I had the privilege of hosting a session on blended learning at the 2012 Michigan Association of Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) Conference in Grand Rapids, MI. I thought I would share the PowerPoint shows that I used for the introduction and for the body of my presentation. They contain some quotations […]

  10. Have Horse, Will Travel

    Can you IMAGINE the fun Jan's having...

    Until I met Jan Abernethy, I never wanted to be anyone else. But right now, I think Being Jan Abernethy would make for an interesting life  ~  and a fantastic movie. Her nearly 2000 mile jaunt on Sweetie to the DENSI 12 humbles and energizes me. Nothing like a vicarious experience you wish were really […]

  11. 3 Cs + Grow & Learn = Fun the DEN Way

    Screen Shot 2012-03-14 at 1.10.16 PM

    Because she’s a DEN STAR and outgoing PA DEN LC Events Chair, Jennifer Brinson understands and emulates the 3 Cs: connect, collaborate, and communicate. A veteran presenter, she intuits growing learning, making it fun the DEN way. So it’s no surprise that she volunteered to present at my former school district, Salisbury Township, during a […]

  12. CAST UDL Book Builder

    CAST “is an educational research & development organization that works to expand learning opportunities for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning.  UDL is a set of principles for curriculum development that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. UDL provides a blueprint for creating instructional goals, methods, materials, and assessments that work for everyone–not a […]

  13. Colorado in Springtime

    I’ve been to Colorado several times over the years.  And over the next few months I will be there even more!  Before June, I think I will touch all four corners of the state!  From what I recall, Colorado weather in the spring can be tricky.  The calendar says it’s springtime, but you never know […]

  14. Frozen Planet Premiere

    Superintendent Geri Hall, Dean Shareski, Director, Celeste York and Tom Metuzals

    What do New York city and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan have in common? They were the US and Canadian sites that premiered The Frozen Planet, an amazing new series that features never before filmed sequences and locations that will truly leave you in awe. While the NYC event featured some big time celebrities, the event in […]

  15. The Social Learning Summit


    The Discovery Educator Network, in partnership with Classroom 2.0, presents…         The Discovery Educator Network is mixing it up a little this spring and trying something different.  Instead of the typical Spring Virtual Conference, the DEN has partnered with Classroom 2.0 to present the Social Learning Summit.  This event will take the […]

  16. Sign Up Genius

    Screen shot 2012-03-13 at 9.21.08 AM

    I’ve started using the free site “Sign Up Genius” in many areas of my life.  My students can sign up for appointments with me (see a sample) , staff members can sign up for professional learning, parents can sign up for volunteer opportunities, etc.  The site has numerous templates and three types of survey styles: […]

  17. The Power of Words

    Last year while attending DENSI 2011 in San Diego, a group of educators watched the documentary about Poetry Slams. It was a powerful example of how words can transform a person’s life through poetry. As part of my Wilkes coursework, I was taking a Project Based Learning class and our group decided to use poetry […]