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Desperate for DENSI: DEN & the CITY!

Desperate for DENSI: DEN & the CITY!

It started with a Facebook message….39 DEN friends wishing each other luck…. Hoping and waiting for the weekly release of DENSI 2012 picks while sharing how we could not wait to see each other. One message lead to the next and soon a google doc was born, a date and place chosen to get our

DEN Guru Finalists

It goes without saying that within the DEN community we have an overabundance of talent. Every STAR has his/her own special talents, skills and passion for utilizing digital content across the curriculum. We want to continue to provide opportunities for STARs to share their knowledge with the community so in 2010, we announced another membership

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 04/02/2012

Math Moves U Tags: math, maths, mathematics, education, students Humanline.com: Images of art, history and science for educational and commercial licensing Education users Professors, students and teachers are free to use it in classroom presentations and demos, dissertations and other non-commercial academic works, researches and all related not-for-profit activities. The use of our files is

Matt’s Tips and Trick 4-2

It wouldn’t be Monday with out Matt’s Tips and Tricks. This week I’m highlighting different ways to share Discovery Education media through the My Content, School and District Content folders. We’ll explore two different contests (one for teachers one for students). We’ll also take a look at this week’s webinars and two mobile apps that