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Social Learning Summit- April 21, 2012

Social Learning Summit- April 21, 2012

Please join us at Hinsdale Central High School at 5500 S Grant Street in Hinsdale, IL as we collaborate and experience the Discovery Spring Virtual Social Learning Summit with colleagues who share our enthusiasm. Learn also about the DEN and what we have to offer to those of like mind. The 2012 Social Learning Summit

Western PA Day of Discovery!

On March 31, 2012, Discovery Education hosted a Day of Discovery at the Seneca Valley Middle School to a host of enthusiastic teachers and administrators. Going into the event, you could feel the electricity and Matt Monjan wasted no time in delivering an engaging key note that was enthusiastically received by all that attended. I

Matt’s Tips and Tricks – 4-9

This week we’ll showcase our six-word story finalists.  We’ll also explore two fantastic and free websites, Scratch and Popplet as well as a great app for exploring educational sites. And, of course, we’ll highlight this week’s webinars.  http://issuu.com/mmonjan/docs/monday_morning_media_tip_4-9_pages?mode=window&viewMode=singlePage   Open publication – Free publishing – More den

Are schools becoming more engaging as a result of the advancing technologies?

Over 4 years ago this short video first appeared.  I saw it during that first year and I am showing it now, some four years later with a few questions. Has much changed for school aged learners?  Are there more opportunities for ‘engagement’ with each other by way of technology? Is it common throughout the

NC Reading Association’s Digital Photo Gallery

What Literacy Looks Like Today . . . The North Carolina Reading Association’s Digital Photo Gallery   The face of literacy is changing, and it’s time to pause and take a snapshot of what that face looks like so far in the 21st century. The North Carolina Reading Association is creating an online photo gallery