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Not in Words!

Not in Words!

“Welcome to the Not in Words’ website: explaining things with a universal language, the language of pictures.” ~http://www.notinwords.com/ This video is very good at explaining the “Evolution of the Web through Web 2.0” to those that still just don’t understand.  More importantly, it has NO WORDS; thus, the title of the website.  Even though most

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 05/04/2012

Cheating in The 21st Century Classroom Tags: no_tag Free Technology for Teachers: An Interactive Timeline of Immigration to the U.S. Tags: interactive, immigration, timeline, US, freetech4teachers Posted from Diigo. The rest of Discovery Educator Network group favorite links are here.

LAST CHANCE! Upload your video to the DEN’s Dr. Lodge Video Challenge

That’s right.  Today is the final day we’ll be accepting submissions for the DEN’s Dr. Lodge Video Challenge.  If you have already filmed your video and simply delayed in uploading it, wait no more! If you haven’t taken part in the contest, you can still participate next Wednesday, May 9th when we launch the public voting phase

2012 ASQ STEM Agenda Conference

2012 ASQ STEM Agenda Conference July 16-17, 2012 University of Wisconsin-Stout Menomonie, Wisconsin Learn – Participate – Engage – Connect Who Should Attend The ASQ Education Division and the University of Wisconsin-Stout encourage conference participation from teachers, education administrators, faculty members from education and the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), government officials, and STEM