Archives for May 7, 2012

  1. The first CanaDEN podcast

    The newly formed Canadian Leadership Council is about to take shape. Rob Wall has decided to begin a monthly podcast highlighting the work of the DEN in Canada. Thus the name CanadDEN. For his first endeavour he interviewed some teachers in Saskatchewan at a local Social Learning Summit gathering. We really want to support Rob […]

  2. A Day of Discovery

    Day of Discovery

    One of the anchor events of Discovery Education are Days of Discovery. These are days that typically are hosted by a district and usually provides a overview or kickstart to all things Discovery. Having participated in 3 of these since March I can attest to the energy and excitement that a day like this can bring. At […]

  3. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 5-7

    This week I cover creating a summer resource list with five great free resources available to teachers, students and parents.  We’ll explore a free translation app for iPhones/iPads/iTouches and Android devices and I highlight this week’s webinars.  Please enjoy and share with your peers and parents! Open publication – Free publishing – More den […]

  4. Scavenger Hunt KS DEN LC Style

    As a way to promote Discovery Education here in Kansas, the Leadership Council will be conducting a scavenger hunt as part of Discovery Education’s Teacher Appreciation Week events. Members of the KS LC will be sending out email messages each day providing a question. The questions will take each participant through a variety of Discovery […]

  5. Mom!

    Mother’s Day is quickly approaching so we need to start thinking of what special ways we can celebrate our mothers.  When I think of Mother’s Day I think of all the women in my life who have had an influence of who I am today.  I try and remember to send a little thank you […]

  6. Teacher Appreciation Week – Day 1

    It’s Teacher Appreciation Day and if anyone knows the awesomeness of the educators around the world, it’s the DEN.  Our STAR Discovery Educators go above and beyond and we’d like to show our appreciation.  For Day 1 of Teacher Appreciation Week, we’ve got a special treat for our STARs courtesy of our friends at Quizlet. […]