DE Summer Enrichment Packet for Grades 5-6

My wife put together a summer enrichment packet for her incoming sixth grade students so I decided to steal it, modify it with some free Discovery Education resources and share it.  I hope it will give you some ideas to use and hopefully save you a few hours putting together your own summer packets.  Enjoy!


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  1. Peg Hartwig said:

    Excellent Idea! I will pass this on to my colleagues as they are just beginning to tap into the DE resources! Thanks!

  2. Gena Price said:

    Thanks Lance and Martha! Great stuff I am excited to share.

  3. Molly Hay said:

    Lance and Marth, nice job. It has inspired me to work on something over the summer for grades 1-3 for next year. Maybe that could be a task at one of the break out sessions during DENSI2012. I won’t be there but if it gets created, please share. Thanks again

  4. jacqueline berman said:

    This is fantastic. I can’t wait to share with my teachers. I’m very excited to see something that really carries through the summer.

  5. Linda Epps said:

    Thanks so much Lance and Marth. I am go to share it with the technology coordinators to share with the 5th and 6th grade teachers in district. Not only will learing take place put it will also be fun.