Keep Your STAR Status

It’s almost that time of year.  I’m not talking about the time of the year when school ends, I’m talking about the time of the year when we confirm STAR status for our spectacular STAR Discovery Educators.  Remember, to maintain your STAR status, you need to report at least 2 events during the 2011-2012 school year.  If you’re a new STAR and gained your STAR status during this past school year, you don’t need to report a second event.

Use this link to report your events.

If you don’t report your events in the next month or so, you could risk losing your STAR status.  You might be wondering whether or not you’ve reported two events, well, unfortunately, there’s currently not a way for you to check yourself.  However, over the next few weeks, we’ll be sending out an email to those of you who haven’t reported at least two events.  If you don’t get an email from us, you’re fine.  You’re an important part of the DEN and we want all of our STARs to keep their status.


  1. Jacqueline Jackson

    Met with Earlington Heights faculty to inform them of what I learned at the meeting on Saturday, May 19 in Miami Fl

  2. Jacqueline Jackson

    Met with 2nd grade department and shared using Discovery Ed Link

  3. Chad Lehman

    Jacqueline – if you haven’t already, use the Report Your Events link in the blog post to record your activity. Leaving a comment on the blog isn’t enough.

  4. Lori Inostroz

    went to the preconference on both Friday & Saturday. WOW! So impressed, I am now a DEN member. I can’t wait until school starts to share what I have learned!

  5. Marian Floyd

    Went to an end of year training sponsored by DEN. Hope our school system will buy into the whole program and not just piecemeal.

  6. Carol Singletary

    DEN is an awesome resource to share. I’ve been sharing the different resources available to both experienced and new teachers. Thanks for keeping learning current.

  7. Julie Glavin

    Spent a truly worthwhile day at Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium this past Monday, Aug. 6 sponsored by Discovery Education!! Hooray for DE and the DEN!

  8. Patsy Lewis

    Steve Dembo presented to the new teachers in Fort Bend ISD today and a group of us were invited to attend. Provides plenty food for thought.

  9. Ruthlinda Benedict

    Met with some teammates to share Life Science videos to use in our classrooms.

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