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  1. Dr. Lodge Music Video Challenge Grand Prize Event

    Written by Dr. Lodge McCammon, Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, NC State Well, we did it!  Kyle Schutt, the amazing team at Discovery Education and Dr. Lodge McCammon completed the first ever Discovery Educator Network / Dr. Lodge Music Video Challenge. The challenge launched in late January and for about three months classrooms across the US and Canada […]

  2. STEMulating kids using DE Science TechBook

    So after Exploring the Wonders of Weather through the DE Science TechBook with my Middle School Academy STEM kids, I took on a much younger and more energetic group of 3rd to 5th graders who were interested in Alternative Energy, during our week of College For Kids at UW Marshfield/Wood County.  This mini STEM institute explored […]

  3. Learn More About Adobe Youth Voices

    For those who missed our ISTE preconference event in San Diego on Saturday, Discovery Education announced an exciting partnership with the Adobe Foundation!  The new program, Adobe Youth Voices, provides free curriculum and resources to help educators engage students through media making.  The event kicked off with a first look at the free media-making curriculum […]

  4. Fire Safety Importance

    Right now I am sitting in my living room in Aurora, Colorado just southeast of Denver. I am watching the ongoing, disturbing coverage of the many wildfires happening across Colorado right now. If I step to my bedroom window I can see smoke plumes to the north near Boulder and to the south where the […]

  5. 10 Top Apple apps for education in 2012

    As I attend more and more conferences, I’m pleased to see the number of educators with technology at their fingertips — iPads, notebooks, laptops, smartphones — educators are CONNECTED!  Even better is the number of school districts providing that technology to their teachers and students.  I’ve run across a few apps that make me wish […]

  6. The DEN Welcomes 56 New STARS Using the DE Techbook

    The DEN is growing in leaps and bounds.  This month, over the course of two weeks, we welcomed 56 new STAR Educators who are ready, and willing to share with others how they use the DE Science Techbook. The Techbook Instructional Implementation team held two institutes, one in Texas and one in Florida, with the […]

  7. Adobe Youth Voices and Discovery Education

    We have very exciting news!  Discovery Education has partnered with the Adobe Foundation to provide curriculum and resources to help educators fold digital media making into their teaching practice and engage students in obtaining critical thinking skills.  This new program was launched at Discovery Education’s ISTE preconference event in San Diego.  The Adobe Youth Voices […]

  8. Not At ISTE? No Problem!

    Thousands of people have converged into one area this week. San Diego. Quite a few people I know are in San Diego this week for the well-known ISTE Conference. I’ve attended and presented at several ISTE conferences in the past and I will say, it is definitely worthwhile. The amount of professional development and networking […]

  9. More from Discovery Education’s YouTube Channel

    Discovery Education and the DEN are great organizations.  Each year, the DEN hosts two Virtual Conferences, one in spring and one in fall.  These free, one day events allow educators to listen to and interact with presentations from members of the DEN Team, DEN Gurus, and other special guests.  These are live, real time events, […]

  10. Florida Regional Science Institute 2012!

    “Making Science Come Alive in a Digital World” What a great start to the Florida Regional Science Institute 2012! A fantastic group of 38 Florida Educators have come together at UCF in Orlando. The theme for our 3 days together is “Making Science Come Alive in a Digital World”.  The Discovery team has once again […]

  11. DENvisory Board Elections


    We’re thrilled to share a new level of membership within the DEN.  Our DENvisory Board, consisting of 5 DEN Leadership Council (DENLC) members, will be formed soon, with the goals of representing the DEN, providing feedback to the DEN Team, and helping guide and shape the future of the Discovery Educator Network.  The nominations are […]

  12. Impact Day at Shepherd’s Table


    Remember our empty hallways and cubicles on Friday? I tracked down some of my co-workers making an Impact at Shepherd’s Table in Silver Spring MD, for the third year of Discover Your Impact Day. Just what is Discovery’s Impact Day? Basically, it’s Discovery employees volunteering time in their local communities with the intention of making […]

  13. Great Resources for Colorado Teachers @ eNetColorado

    Did you know that as a Colorado educator, you have a terrific FREE professional development and resource library available to you?  It’s called eNetColorado (  eNet was started as part of a CDE grant through Title IID to help build 21st Century technology rich classrooms. This grant, and others received since, help provide EVERY teacher […]