What’s So Great About the DEN?

If you’re involved with the DEN, either as a STAR Discovery Educator, Leadership Council member, or in some other fashion, you’ve experienced the greatness of this community.  Do you think you can put your thoughts about the DEN into a sentence or two?  I’m sure you can and will.  We’re putting together another resource to help spread the word about the DEN Community and would love to hear from you.  What’s your answer to this magic question…..

What’s the BEST thing about the DEN?  Share your thoughts by posting a comment on this post.


  1. Laura Pilker

    The best things about the DEN are the members! Teachers and professionals from all over the world to learn from and share ideas with. And the DEN is the facilitator that makes it possible!

  2. Sonja

    The best thing is the ideas members are so willing to share. I get so many good ideas, resources and research from the DEN. Great people face to face at conferences as well.

  3. Betsy Ruffin

    Definitely the people and the wonderful sharing of ideas, resources, helps,encouragement!

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