June 4, 2012 Webcast

Discovery Education Assessment: The Ultimate Guide To the Detail Export

Week of June 4, 2012

This webcast will highlight hints and tips for maximizing the potential of the Detail Export function within Discovery Education Assessment. This resource is available for both Benchmark Assessment data, as well as data acquired through Progress Zone. However, strategies are needed to prevent the data from becoming “just another spreadsheet.” We know that the information covered this week will enable these exports to be dynamic, and worthwhile in your classroom.

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  1. Loretta Mistrot

    It seems as thought the video stream is frozen after about 15 minutes into the video. I can still hear the explanations but I cannot actually see what the speaker is actually doing. I have restarted the video and still get the same result. Please advise. I am really interested in seeing how to use the detail export more effectively.

  2. Jason Altman

    Please check back soon, as a corrected version of this webcast will be available.

    • Loretta Mistrot

      Thank you Jason! The video was very informative. Again, thank you for resolving the issue.

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