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Show teachers the MONEY with creative fundraising ideas for classrooms and school programs!

Show teachers the MONEY with creative fundraising ideas for classrooms and school programs!

Try some creative fund raising for your classroom! I know teachers who have had success with “Donors Choose“.  You can also post your classroom at “Adopt a Classroom“, or even set up “registry” supply lists at sites like Amazon or office supply stores.  Don’t forget Discovery Education’s Kathy Schrock who maintains a list of grant

Not Your Typical Work Place

For a lot of people, a day at the office usually entails 8 or so hours of sitting at a desk staring at a computer screen.  (TPS reports, anyone?)  While I admit to spending more than my fair share of time yelling at my laptop, I’ve also had a lot of opportunities here at Discovery to stretch

Tips to Extend Computer Projector Lamp Life

  Tips to Extend Projector Lamp Life is a nice infographic from Project Lamps World that has some really good tips for helping you extend the lamp life of your computer projector. Most teachers now-a-days use a computer projector in their classroom (I think it is an essential tool for all classrooms). The projectors can go

EdTech Magazine’s 50 Must Read EdTech Blogs & my additions to list

  EdTech Magazine is a great, free website that has tons of articles, resources, product and service reviews, information and more about edtech topics and products. It is a great resource for any educator, educational technology specialist or director, or technology personnel.     They just published an article “50 Must Read K-12 IT Blogs” that is a

It is Summer! Now what?

Well we were lucky this year! For educators in Maryland, the school year actually ended on time due to the mild winter. Once you get a little extra sleep and completely chill for a couple of days, it might be time to start thinking about how to make the most of the few weeks in