Archives for June 26, 2012

  1. Fire Safety Importance

    Right now I am sitting in my living room in Aurora, Colorado just southeast of Denver. I am watching the ongoing, disturbing coverage of the many wildfires happening across Colorado right now. If I step to my bedroom window I can see smoke plumes to the north near Boulder and to the south where the […]

  2. 10 Top Apple apps for education in 2012

    As I attend more and more conferences, I’m pleased to see the number of educators with technology at their fingertips — iPads, notebooks, laptops, smartphones — educators are CONNECTED!  Even better is the number of school districts providing that technology to their teachers and students.  I’ve run across a few apps that make me wish […]

  3. The DEN Welcomes 56 New STARS Using the DE Techbook

    The DEN is growing in leaps and bounds.  This month, over the course of two weeks, we welcomed 56 new STAR Educators who are ready, and willing to share with others how they use the DE Science Techbook. The Techbook Instructional Implementation team held two institutes, one in Texas and one in Florida, with the […]