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Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 07/07/2012

Daily Dose of DEN Diigo 07/07/2012

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An Open Infinite Canvas Where To Collect Anything You Want: Murally

Curated by Giuseppe Mauriello on Scoop.it, and if you are not following this social media curation guru, you should, comes a multi-tasking curation tool. Welcome to one of the newest reinventions of Pinterest. From Robin Good: Mural.ly is an infinite visual canvas that can be used to create visual maps, digital posters, collections of information

The Twelfth Podcast

Steve and I hangout. If you can ignore the barking dog and military plans flying over head, you’ll hear us recap ISTE, our session and preview the DEN Summer Institute. Watch below or listen to the podcast. [podcast]http://ideasandthoughts.org/podcasts/DEpodcast12.mp3[/podcast]