DENSI 2012

Once again it is almost time to say goodbye to new and old friends alike and head back to reality. I look forward to working with STARs from other states and can’t wait to participate in some of the community projects that we have been discussing. After a few days at home (when my brain has rested, and I have reread all the Edmodo posts and session notes), I will begin the process of making what I have learned this week my new reality…more integration, more collaboration, more support. And, when I’m feeling overwhelmed, all I have to do is remember Porter’s words, “Make it Happen,” and I’ll get right back in the saddle. Happy Trails to each of you as you work to incorporate what you have learned into your school settings. It has been a great week, and my professional life has been enriched by all of your hard work and passion.


  1. Glenda Jenkins

    Excited about you sharing what you learned in Vermont with your Arkansas friends!

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