Archives for July 30, 2012

  1. Appreciative Inquiry: Bulding Capacity

    In our families, at work, in our communities, in the state and/or nation and globally there are issues.  Will have enough food, water, energy, educational opportunities?  Will our family, work place, and the people of our community, state, nation and world be able to be part of positive change?  Can the future be an improvement […]

  2. iPad Apps iLike

    I was lucky enough to spend a week with a group of wonderful educators at the Discovery Education Summer Institute.  Some of these apps I learned about from the conference and some I have used before, but most importantly, ALL of these apps can be used in your classroom- no matter what subject or grade level […]

  3. Mousey Monday


    Happy Mousey Monday! Thank you to Brian and Janet Hallstrom for voicing their enthusiasm for Professor Mousey. He appreciates all the love! Brian asked, “What has been the overall reaction from the parents” (in reference to Discovery Education products)? Click on Professor Mousey to find out. Parents often call the Discovery Education Support team to […]

  4. Unlocking Creative Potential with Adobe Youth Voices

    In an exciting partnership with Discovery Education, The Adobe Foundation’s Adobe Youth Voices Essentials Curriculum is helping educators unlock students’ creative potential by weaving digital media-making into their everyday teaching practices. The result?  Oneisha Freeman, an afterschool program coordinator in Atlanta, Georgia, experienced first-hand the effects of using media to engage young people.  With the Essentials […]