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Discovery — To the Classroom and Beyond!

Just as I tell teachers that Discovery Education is so much more than merely videos,  the program is not just for classroom teachers but for all educational settings.   That includes the library– my particular setting!   This wealth of resources is continued by the DEN, another place with something for all educators, from the core teachers in the regular classroom

Colorado LC Spotlight

This week you get to meet Gwynn Moore. I am the Media/Technology teacher at Paris Elementary in Aurora, Colorado. I work with students in grades K-5 in helping them find books to read at home and build their skills using technology. In addition to working with students I also work with teachers in building their

Favorite Things: A Dose of Inspiration

We all need it. A little something that cheers us on, inspires us to do more, to keep reaching is a good thing. I came across this today, watched, sucked back some tears (I’m a mush), and thought about all the great things teachers do every day. The teachers at Tavares High School in Florida

Educators will face conflict – How we meet it matters!!!!

Conflict can lead to positive shared conclusions.  Today’s post has words like: ‘war’ and ‘violence’ in it because those words are those words are the words of the author I am quoting.  They conjure up ‘jarring’ concepts.  Conflict is ‘jarring’.  Conflict is present in around the work of schools.  School leaders can hope the disagreements

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 9-10-2012

This week we’ll explore the  new content surrounding the 2012 Presidential Campaign that has been added to Discovery Education.   Naturally, I wanted to see how we could extend this theme so I chose to evaluate three different sites that help you build infographics.  To bring it full circle – I show you how to take

Discovery Educator Network – a great resource for any educator!

    This week is Open House Week at the DEN, so I decided to share what I like about the DEN. Discovery Education is an excellent resource for educators. They have great fee-based products (Streaming, Assessment, Science and more) and over 30 free resources available for educators. The Discovery Educator Network is also a great resource for educators where

DEN Open House Week -How I Became a DE Cheerleader

I love Discovery Education, especially being part of the DEN. Of course, the subscription to the service and all it affords, including the ability to truly individualize lessons for our students, is a wonderful thing. Having 24/7 access to Discovery Education opens up a huge platform for teachers and students to learn and follow passions.