Archives for September 11, 2012

  1. Come and see the new Discovery Education!

    Whether you are new to Discovery Education or just want to explore the new look of Discovery Education, we will have a session for you! For those who are new to Discovery Education, we will start from square one: Getting into your account, searching for content (videos, images, songs, etc.). We will also introduce you […]

  2. We Remember

    Most Americans remember exactly where they were and the unfolding of events on that clear September morning 11 years ago.  Living in the DC metropolitan area, the impact of the day could not be ignored as the airspace where passenger jets flew by every day without much notice on my part were replaced by fighter […]

  3. Want to Capitalize on Your Students’ Mars Curiosity?

    Discovery Education is always looking to stay on top of the latest developments and NASA’s successful landing of the Curiosity Rover is no exception.  Discovery Education has provided some great free for educators looking for ways to capitalize on their students’ Curiosity about Mars.  Check out the Destination Mars lesson plans for some great resources […]

  4. The DEN Goes Viral

    Isn’t it fun when you have an idea, but aren’t really sure what’s going to happen when you expand on it?  It might turn out to be something pretty awesome.  On the other hand, it might not.  We are going to try something we haven’t done before and see what happens.  We’re introducing a collaborative […]