More Students Learning at Higher Levels: Leveraging Technology!

Do we want to be part of a society where education truly benefits all?  Where education can lead toward upward mobility?  Do we want more students learning at higher levels?

How can we as a society dramatically increase the numbers of young people who achieve at high levels in language arts, math, science and social science in our elementary and high schools?

How can we as a society dramatically increase the numbers of young people who have the potential of graduating with four-year degrees should that be their desire?

I suggest that these questions are crucial to each of us as educators.

I suggest that we look at what it will take for today’s educators to dramatically more toward leveraging technology as a clear and obvious asset in our journey to meet the learning needs of all our young people.

To do this, educators will need to think together with a clear focus on the goal of making significant, demonstrated progress toward serving all of our students in ways that the questions above illuminate.  Achieving progress with this focus will require letting go of some of what we are doing that isn’t making a ‘big difference’ for learners and moving toward a new high standards for student learning for each and every student.

Obviously, as we look to the future we must be willing to openly explore the possibilities that technology offers to educators and the students we serve. This is a journey worth taking!

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