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Engaging Students with Discovery Education!

Engaging Students with Discovery Education!

As our resident talking canine mentioned yesterday, this week’s webinar focuses on how to actively engage students using our Discovery Education services. A continuation of our Back To School Webinar Series, this webinar is great for teachers and administrators alike. Here is a brief synopsis of the event: Put the power of learning at your

Take the Pledge: “No Text on Board”

FACT:    97% of teens say texting while driving is dangerous BUT 43% of teens admit to texting while driving.* FACT:    Texting drivers are 23 times more likely to be in a crash.** FACT:    77% of teens have seen their parents text and drive. 75% say it is “common” among their friends.* Amongst these sobering statistics,

BulleDEN Board Project

We have decided to extend the deadline for our BulleDEN Board Project through October.  The new deadline to turn in your entry is November 1st.  Remember, we’re looking for the best of the best bulletin boards out there.  These won’t be your average bulletin boards – these will be BulleDEN Boards – your best display

An Evening of Discovery

What do you get when you  take folks from across Canada from their classroom, their kitchen, and their car  and connect them with 40 teachers in a local watering hole? An Evening of Discovery. Most of you have heard of Days of Discovery. These are full out events put on by Discovery during the day