Daily Archives: September 19, 2012

Join Us As The DEN Goes Viral

We’re excited to introduce a collaborative project that kicks off with a special presentation from Dr. Scott McLeod, co-creator of the “Did You Know?” videos.  Viral videos, like the “Did You Know” videos, can be very powerful when it comes to spreading a message or sharing information.  Why is this the case?  Can these types

Must See TV – Tonight!

It’s not often, in these Netflix/Hulu/DVR times, that we sit down and watch a show in real time.  Tonight, just might be one of those nights.  Tonight, September 19th at 10PM ET on SCIENCE Channel, is a TV special called i.am.mars.  This show documents the artistic and technical process behind Reach for the Stars, a

Help In Managing Benchmark Initiation and Educator Access

Colby Tillman of the Discovery Education Assessment Support team joins me again to discuss some of the things that she is having conversations about during her week. This is the fourth in a series of podcasts, and discusses the Discovery Education help tab (specifically the resources available there related to your Assessment tools), how to

Talk Like a Pirate Day

The pirate speaks,”Today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! It’s a fun day t’ brin’ out your inner Jack Sparrow and have some fun. Members o’ t’ DE Team have put together messages that we’ll be sharin’ throughout t’ day.  Enjoy these messages or we’ll have you walk the plank. The pirate speaks,”Do you know