Archives for September 27, 2012

  1. DEN Goes Viral – Pick Your Topic

    The DEN Goes Viral, our collaborative project for DEN members, is moving ahead and we are now happy to share the topics of study.  For those unfamiliar with the project, here are the  details in a nutshell: Participants register for the project. Yes, you can still sign up! Team Leaders have chosen their topics of […]

  2. Integrating Adobe Youth Voices Essentials with the Common Core

    As we get back into the groove of the school year, aligning lessons with the Common Core Standards can be intimidating.  Thankfully, programs like Adobe Youth Voices Essentials  already taken care of the hard part—and are providing educators with tools specifically designed for integrating their curriculum with the Common Core. For those who aren’t familiar […]

  3. Rework Video

    out of box idea

        Projects are an excellent way for students to demonstrate learning.  They can also be introduced/framed with an essential question and provide for a variety of collateral learning as students dive into the curriculum.  Unfortunately projects can be a time hog if students aren’t given specific time limitations.  For that reason it is nice […]