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Life is a Highway

Life is a Highway

They say “Life is a Highway” but where is the roadmap? What signs are you seeing along your educational highway? Caution, Stop, No Parking, Winding Road, Construction Ahead…between Common Core, RtI and all of the other educational programs it’s no wonder teachers are feeling overwhelmed. On Wednesday, September 26th over 30 educators from across Miami-Dade

Sign up for the DEN Goes Viral Project

There is a short amount of time left for you to join our DEN Goes Viral Project.  In a nutshell, here are the details: Team Leaders have chosen the topics of study. You sign up for a topic that interests you. Over the next seven to ten days, your group will discuss and learn more

October Edition of DEN UP Newsletter

As you “fall” back into the school year we would like to share the October edition of the DEN UP Newsletter with you. Here is a highlight of what we are covering this month: Discovery joins forces with Polar Bears International to connect your students with polar bear and climate change experts. Strategy Spotlight Challenge: 3 Truths,

FREE ONLINE: A New Educational Guide for Studying Louisiana’s Coastal Crisis

Louisiana Public Broadcasting’s award-winning documentary Turning the Tide takes an in-depth look at the proposed solutions and bold engineering that can “turn the tide” on Louisiana’s coastal erosion problem. NEW! Turning the Tide: A Companion Teaching Guide and its companion video clips feature interactive classroom activities designed to educate students about the effects of coastal