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Hey WI Teachers! Come Discover!

Hey WI Teachers! Come Discover!

Are you interested in a proactive, supportive community of educators who are ready to help you become a more effective 21st C educator? The DEN Fall Virtual Conference : Tech or Treat 2012, (Register) Discovery Education is offering both Live and Virtual/Live events for ALL educators! Whether your district has a Discovery account or not,

Colorado LC Spotlight

Our final team member is Deanna Duray. Hello from Arvada, Colorado. I work at Little Elementary in Jefferson County. I began my teaching career in the fall of 1992 and have had the opportunity to teach at every elementary grade level. I’m currently teaching 3rd grade. I’ve been enjoying the DEN resources and opportunities over

Mousey Monday

Happy Mousey Monday from Cache and Cookies!  Mousey has received a lot of phone calls this week asking about deleting user accounts. Mousey would like to use this Mousey Monday to explain the answer to this question. Discovery Education does not have a delete option on user accounts. The available option is called Archiving.  When

Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-8-2012 Digital Resources to Assist Decoding Text

This is edition is part one of a two part series that explores how to incorporate digital resources into six reading strategies. Please share with your team, peers, and staff. This week we’ll explore how four dynomite digital resources complement three reading strategies (Breaking down the sounds – Phonemes, Chunking unfamiliar sounds and words and

S.O.S: Silence is Golden

Welcome to week 2 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Silence is Golden (PDF Version) BACKGROUND Discovery Education contains thousands of video segments.  Some may contain just the right audio you want, others the right imagery, and sometimes