The 2012 VirtCon Costume Contest: Vote Now!

Every year our Fall Virtual Conference has a Tech or Treat theme.  While dressing up isn’t required, it’s always encouraged.  In fact, there are some members of our team that it’s hard to get them to STOP dressing in costume (*cough* Lance *cough* Matt *cough*).

This year was no exception, we had some incredible costumes shared from the day!  A huge thanks to everybody that participated and submitted an entry.  We DO have a prize up for grabs though…  This year, the winner of the costume contest will win a brand new Nexus 7!  We’ve narrowed down the entries, but need your help in determining the overall winner.  Vote for your favorite and share the post with your friends so they can vote too!  Below the poll, I’ve shared a gallery with ALL the costumes as well assome other pics from the day.  Thanks to everybody who participated!

UPDATE: Deadline is Monday, October 29th at midnight ET!

Vote now!

Gallery of ALL pics from the day:


  1. Mary Jane lab

    Good luck Shiela

  2. Bob

    Good Luck Sheila. Hope you win.


  3. Danielle

    Good luck Mike!

  4. Cathy

    Good Luck Sheila!

  5. Sheila

    Thank you, friends! I really appreciate it!!!

  6. Roger

    You have my vote!

  7. nicki

    Good luck

  8. Karen

    When does voting end?

  9. Melissa Robison

    I see my favorite! Good luck everyone!

  10. Barbara Bonini

    I thought it was a car. My daughter set me straight.

  11. Sheila

    LOL, Barbara! I wish! Thanks for voting!

  12. Shailly

    Looking totally Pipped out Sarah!

  13. Jody Pittman

    Loved your creativeness. Great idea! Lots of luck.

  14. Phil Staves

    You have my vote, Sheila. Awesome witch

  15. Winnie Brown

    You are dressed the best!!!!!!

  16. Dian

    Good luck Linda:)

  17. Kay Dickerson

    Good luck Linda!

  18. Chiquita

    Good luck! You look like a winner to me.

  19. Lisa James

    Too cute. Best of luck to you!

  20. Nancy

    Good luck, Linda! Great costume – you are always up for a good time!

  21. Loretta Taylor

    I want my iPad too!!

    • Loretta Taylor

      Oh…..and Good Luck Linda!!!!!

  22. Jeff Patterson

    You have my vote Linda! JP

  23. Amee White

    As always, you make me smile. You have my vote! Good luck!

  24. Marilyn Johnson

    Love it Linda!!!!

  25. Sonya Shealy

    Good Luck Linda……

  26. Jackie Pratscher

    We love you Ginni! Way to go!

  27. Robbie Neely

    Love it and you!!!! Go! Ginni Go!

  28. Liz

    Go Ginni!!!!

  29. Tina

    AWESOME Ginni! Rock It Like Rowe!!!

  30. Martha

    Awesome costumes. It looks like fun!

  31. Sarah Thompson

    Thanks Shailly!

  32. Aniko

    good luck, Sheila!!

  33. Ronnie DiNucci

    Done – Good Luck Sheila

  34. Ron Pelletier

    Too much fun at work

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