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  1. Win a FREE Nexus 7 Tablet!


    Time is running out!  There’s roughly one week left to enter the amazing BulleDEN Board project where you can be a winner of a brand spanking new Google tablet.  All you have to do is create a bulletin board, I mean bulleDEN board showing your love for Discovery Education or the DEN!  You can either […]

  2. S.O.S: Reading Between the Lines

    Welcome to week 3 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Reading Between the Lines PDF Version Background Words are a powerful force, but yet often we do all the talking. Sometimes what is best is to allow the […]

  3. Tune In Tuesday

    Please do not forget to join us Tuesday at 6:30pm EDT for our first session of our upcoming series: Implementing Inclusive Assessment & Student Evaluation Support Student Learning and Inform Your Teaching with Practical Ideas from Professional Educators Join us for an interactive strand of web-based conferences! These events will provide educators with an enriching opportunity focused on […]

  4. Romanian DEN VirtCon

    This past weekend, educators from around the world participated in the DEN Virtual Conference.  A free day professional development that included over 20 live presentations, now archived.  Attendees could participate in the conference from the comfort of their own homes or attend one of over 40 face to face events around North America.  This year, […]

  5. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 10-22-2012

    We all know and recognize that the students in our classrooms are wired (literally) differently than us.  They want to engage and interact with the content that they are learning.  They also multi-task and absorb information through a myriad of devices and inputs at the same time.  With that in mind we are going to […]

  6. The 2012 VirtCon Costume Contest: Vote Now!


    Every year our Fall Virtual Conference has a Tech or Treat theme.  While dressing up isn’t required, it’s always encouraged.  In fact, there are some members of our team that it’s hard to get them to STOP dressing in costume (*cough* Lance *cough* Matt *cough*). This year was no exception, we had some incredible costumes […]

  7. Step Away From the Computer

    My friend and colleague, Dean Shareski, shared this tweet a few days ago. The article is about a teacher who assigned her middle school students 100 questions that they needed to find the answers to without using the internet.  I understand the reason behind the assignment, but have a big problem with it for a variety of […]

  8. WI Day of Discovery Recap

    On Saturday, October 20th, well over 60 educators from around the state traveled to Neenah, WI to participate in a Day of Discovery. Whitney Mihoulides created a day packed full of live sessions while tapping into the DEN Fall Virtual conference for virtual session options. WI Educators found a wealth of information from DEN presenters […]

  9. Anything to Help Teach Reading?

    “There is nothing here to help me teach reading,” lamented a woman at a recent Discovery Education Day of Discovery in Connecticut. She said this to me after learning that I am a middle school reading specialist and very excited about Discovery resources. She taught struggling high school readers. While I empathize with this woman […]

  10. Extended Learning

    There are always so many opportunities to attend conferences.  I love attending conferences to of course gain new learning… but even more to connect with others throughout the eduverse.  I teach in a self contained classroom, so I welcome an opportunity to connect with educators outside the classroom.  At the end of September I was […]

  11. Animated Hero Classics


    Do you love biographies? Do your students enjoy learning more about historical figures? Consider enhancing your teaching of historical people with the series from Animated Hero Classics. These great videos are about 30 minutes each and provide excellent information about people like the Wright Brothers, Madame Curie and William Bradford, just to name a few. […]

  12. Last Call for Kansas Virtual Conference

    The Kansas DEN LC invite you to attend the Day of Discovery Tech or Treat Virtual Conference in Goddard, Kansas at Challenger Intermediate School (335 North Walnut Street, see map below). October 20th is a day that is sure to be a lot of fun, and classroom changing! This year’s presenters are absolutely amazing and […]

  13. Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series: STU


    A continuation of Cache and Cookie’s Animal Alphabet Series! Kindergarten through second grade teachers may engage their students through DE streaming’s 25 minute full video titled “Animal Alphabet.” This video cleverly uses the animal kingdom to teach students their alphabet. You can also use this video’s segments to engage students–one letter at a time.   […]

  14. Time is Ticking Away!

    It’s the final week of our special contest for Michigan Educators! I’m sure there are plenty of folks who have been using Discovery Education in a variety of ways. Here is your chance to show off. Don’t wait ’til it’s too late; Post your activity NOW!    Fill out my online form.

  15. We’re Under A Lot Of Pressure At Discovery Education

    Air pressure that is! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be safely vacuum-sealed? Or maybe how much does air weigh that is pushing on our bodies? Recently Patti Duncan, with Discovery Education, demonstrated these air pressure principles and more during a Live Stream event in Orange County, NC with a group […]