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  1. MyPhysicsLab – Free Physics Simulations

        MyPhysicsLab is a free site that contains, you guessed it, physics lab simulations. They are simple and created in Java, but illustrate the physics concept quite well. They are organized into topics: springs, pendulums, combinations, collisions, roller coasters, molecules. There is also a section that explains how they work and the math/physics/programming behind creating […]

  2. popular to-do app adds 12 new languages – still free is a very popular, free, to-do list app for Android, iOS and Chrome. It has now added 12 new languages and is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified & traditional) & Russian.   This makes this highly popular task app even better.     What’s nice about is that […]

  3. Musuem Makers LC Event in Florida on 10/19

    If you are in the Kissimmee, Florida area, you might want to check out this LC Event, organized by Debbie Bohanan. Have you ever visited a museum and wished there was more information on the topic?  If so, Museum Makers is the workshop for you.  We are going to start our day with a tour […]

  4. S.O.S: Shake It Up Baby

    Welcome to week 3 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Shake It Up Baby PDF Version Background Shake things up and explore more Discovery Education resources.  Do you realize that DE has hundreds of songs in every subject […]

  5. Matt’s Media Tips and Tricks 10-15-2012

    Join me for his is part two of the Digital Decoder series. Within this edition we’ll explore how to use Discovery Education and six other digital resources to help students predict what they will be reading, re-state what they’ve just read, and make connections to the text that they are reading.  We’ll also explore a free […]

  6. Mousey Reporting in for Duty!

    Happy Mousey Monday to all of Mousey’s fans! Mousey wanted to bring to your attention our Reports Tool. It is useful for administrators to know how much their teachers are using Discovery Education. Using the Reports Tool, administrators can run usage reports. Administrators would run a Report by: 1. Selecting My Admin in the upper […]

  7. 3M Young Scientist Challenge Finals

    What do you get when you combine 10 of the best middle school scientists in the country, Discovery Education, and 3M?  You get the final event of the 2012 Discovery Education 3M Young Scientist Challenge.  On Tuesday, October 16, the finalists from the challenge will make their case to be named “American’s Top Young Scientist.” […]

  8. Questions Bigger Than Answers


    I believe that the issues we face today regarding the economy, educating our youth, reducing poverty, developing the good health of our citizens and many others issues are complex. I also worry that many of us are looking for simple answers to complex realities. I think our ability to stay engaged with tough questions and […]

  9. Follow the Polar Bears

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live among polar bears, spending your days studying and learning about these awesome creatures?  DEN members Karen Ogen and Tammy Einarson are doing just that.  Thanks to Discovery Education and Polar Bears International, both received scholarships to attend the Polar Bears International Leadership Camp, in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. […]

  10. What Does A 21st Century Classroom Look Like?

    I am currently working with pre-service students attending Sterling College as well as facilitating the “Technology in the Classroom” course online.  In trying to explain what a 21st Century Classroom and Technology Integration should look like I wanted to show off the power of my PLN.  Therefore, I ask that my PLN members and blog […]

  11. Things I Think You Should Read

    Lately, I’ve discovered some great articles and blog posts that have raised an eyebrow, nod my head, and made me think.  It wouldn’t make sense for me not to share.  Perhaps you’ll have a reaction to these as well. Attention Disorder or Not, Pills to Help in School – Not sure what to say about […]

  12. What Do You Want For Your Students?

    I had the privilege of spending the day in Miami with 70+ members of the district’s leadership team.  Curriculum specialists, instructional coaches, classroom teachers, and more dived right in to a discussion about what they want to see for their students.  I thought it would be fun (and funny) to share the products they developed […]

  13. Progress Zone As A Check For Understanding

    As educators who work with students in districts that use Discovery’s Benchmark Assessments move on from our first testing window, I wanted to repackage two of our spring Progress Zone “how to” webcasts. Armed with new actionable information about our students we will be remodeling our expected instruction and reteaching groups of students in some […]

  14. Our New DEN Prezi

    We are very proud of the Discovery Educator Network.  This community of educators is the best and we are always look for ways to spread the word about the DEN.  Our friends at Prezi, specifically designer, Stephanie Szabo, created this Prezi about our community.  We think it’s pretty awesome.   Discovery Educator Network (DEN) on […]

  15. Implementing Inclusive Assessment & Student Evaluation

    Support Student Learning and Inform Your Teaching with Practical Ideas from Professional Educators Join us for an interactive strand of web-based conferences! These events will provide educators with an enriching opportunity focused on creative ways to successfully engage all populations of 21st century learners in assessment and student evaluation. Engage with participants around the world as a rich […]