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More #DENthanks Stories

We’ve been sharing many great #DENthanks stories over the last week or so but have many more stories to share.  Here are several more from DEN members across the country. From Traci Blazosky: This is hard… there are so many fabulous people that get my DEN thanks. I’ve met lifelong friends through this amazing community.

Google Chromebooks in Education

When it comes to educational hardware decisions, there are a lot of choices out there.  From document cameras and interactive whiteboards to laptops and mobile devices, sometimes it’s hard to tell where to look. Of course, couple this with the myriad of operating systems and software applications and the picture can get even fuzzier.  Sometimes

It’s Not Just a Bunch of Blabber: Connecting Students, Content, Digital Media, and Web 2.0 throughDEN Connects

The Discovery Educator Network welcomes guest blogger and DEN STAR Ginni Rushing from Santa Rosa, FL.  Below, Ginni describes her students involvement in the DEN Connects Habitat Project. Utilizing the various activities from DEN Connects has been a positive experience for my third graders!  They enjoyed the Digital Dives on habitats, even asking to watch

My #DENthanks by Jeannine Shields

Here’s another #DENthanks story that has been submitted.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find info about giving your own #DENthanks and sharing your story. ================================================================= First, I would like to send #DENthanks to Ronique Hicks. She provided professional to our school district. At her closing she did a brief overview of the DEN.

Things I Think You Should Read

It’s time to share a few articles and blog posts that I’ve noticed recently.  If you haven’t seen these, take a peek.  I think you’ll find these thoughtful. This is a great infographic sharing The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teachers Who Use Technology Another infographic, Social Media for Teachers.  It’s not highly detailed, but

Introducing Career Connections

Our past blog posts about Adobe Youth Voices, (see our October and September posts) focus on how integrating AYV’s media-making resources into the classroom can inspire creativity and support youth engagement.  This month, we’re going to shift gears and take a first-hand look at how the program inspires students to consider futures in digital media.

My #DENthanks by Sheryl Roberts

Here’s another #DENthanks story that has been submitted.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find info about giving your own #DENthanks and sharing your story. ================================================================= Eleven years ago I was visiting my daughter’s elementary school and her teacher said, “Hey Sheryl, you HAVE to see this!” She went on to show me a

Get Ready for Another Helping of the Midyear Mind Explosion!

Just wanted to remind you all that we are in the middle of our excellent Midyear Mind Explosion webinar series. Wednesday, November 28 at 7 PM EST features DEN Guru David Fisher running through some of his favorite apps to stimulate learning in the classroom. Here is more information about tomorrow’s webinar: Hi, I’m David