Daily Archives: November 7, 2012

Effective STEM Assessment Techniques for Low-Incidence Populations

Thank you so much to Cary Supalo (Illinois State University/Independence Science) and Peg Hartwig (Marshfield Schools) for joining us to share their thoughts and expertise in the second event of our “Implementing Inclusive Assessment & Student Evaluation” series. In this event Supalo discussed his work advocating for and creating modifications to drive hands-on authentic lab

And the Winner Is…

Last night’s election capped a season of intense political campaigning that culminated in four more years for our sitting President, Barack Obama.  While I was surprised that a winner was declared before I went to sleep, I couldn’t quite manage to stay awake to hear the acceptance and concession speeches.  My 5th grader also wanted

BulleDEN Board Finalists Day 4

Here are 2 more finalists for the BulleDEN Board project.  If you missed the previous finalists, you can see those here, here, and here.  We’ll share one more set of finalists tomorrow and then you, the DEN Community, will begin voting on Friday, November 9. Virtual Board #4 Real Board #4 (Click on the thumbnail