Daily Archives: November 8, 2012

Subtraction Poetry

This is an interesting idea I came across earlier in the year. Thank you to Austin Kleon, a writer and artist who lives in Texas, for the idea. The idea of subtraction poetry involves taking words away in order for the information to take a new form. Using a Mac computer with Preview, take a

BYOD QR Code Library Scavenger Hunt

Being an information specialist, i.e. Media Specialist, it is my job to show my high school students new ways to access information.  One of the latest and greatest ways to link or retrieve information is by the use of QR Codes.  Inspired by the Daring Librarian who used the QR Codes to create a Library Scavenger

BulleDEN Board Finalists Day 5

Today is the day we reveal our final set of BulleDEN Board finalists.  If you’ve missed the previous finalists, you can view the first, second, third, and fourth groups again.  We’ll start the voting for the winners tomorrow morning – visit the DEN blogs to make your vote!  The winners of each category (virtual or