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  1. Just Two Things


    You might have seen the movie City Slickers where the character Curly tells Mitch that the secret of life is “just one thing”.  Many of us spend time trying to find our “one thing” and a few lucky ones (I think many are Discovery employees) really capture it.  In this article, Lisa Nielsen reminds us […]

  2. Integrating Language Learning Students in Purposeful Evaluation

    Thank you so much to Jennifer Paul (Michigan Department of Education) and Gabriela Cardenas (UCLA Lab School) for joining us to share their thoughts and expertise in the final event of our “Implementing Inclusive Assessment & Student Evaluation” series. In this event Paul discussed her work supporting district efforts to develop equitable educator evaluation systems, […]

  3. My #DENthanks by Paula Naugle


    Here’s another #DENthanks story that has been submitted.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find info about giving your own #DENthanks and sharing your story. ================================================================= I became a DEN STAR in 2009 and a member of the Louisiana Leadership Council that same year. I was thrilled when I applied and was accepted to […]

  4. We Have a Prosperity GAP!!!!


    Yes, we talk about the many achievement gaps that exist in our schools.  We tackle these ‘gaps’ with rigorous effect.  And many learners improve and many learners do not. Often the improvement is incremental as opposed to dramatic.  A given student or group of students in a specific subgroup improves from 39% proficiency to 43% […]

  5. Mousey Monday


    Happy Mousey Monday, Cache and Cookie readers! Thanksgiving is fast approaching and we hope that you and all of your family and friends enjoy yourselves and eat a lot of great food! But before you sit down to eat, be sure to pull up a chair to Discovery Education’s table. Discovery Education streaming offers an excellent […]

  6. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 11-19-2012

    Happy almost Turkey Day! ‘Tis The Season to Share and be Thankful. As I think about and reflect about things that I am thankful for within Discovery Education, I have to say that the ability to share and support others with the My Content, My School, My District, Quicklists, and MediaShare tools have to be at […]

  7. My #DENthanks by Anne Truger


    Here’s another #DENthanks story that has been submitted.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find info about giving your own #DENthanks and sharing your story. ================================================================= From Illinois STAR Anne Truger… I had absolutely no idea what the DEN was. I had been following this guy’s podcast, @teach42. I was so excited to hear […]

  8. S.O.S: Half the Story

    Welcome to week 7 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Half the Story PDF Version           Background How many of us have ever struggled to begin student conversation around a particular topic? They say […]

  9. Sometimes, it’s just too much fun

    I feel guilty that I get to have this much fun and get paid for it. Wednesday Discovery Education Canada partnered with the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium and hosted a pre-conference event for the ATLE event in Edmonton, Alberta. To set the stage for the conference we send out this little preview video: I was […]

  10. Tra-Digital Revolutionary War Heroes

    paul revere

    My students have been studying the American Revolution for the last few weeks, and we’ve had a blast. As we are wrapping things up, each student chose a historical figure from the war era to do more research about. Students researched their people and wrote essays about them. I partnered with the art teacher to […]

  11. My #DENthanks by Lori Abrahams


    In the coming days, we’ll be sharing some #DENthanks stories that have been submitted.  At the bottom of this page, you’ll find info about giving your own #DENthanks and sharing your story. ================================================================= From Illinois STAR Lori Abrahams… Thank you to Joe Brennan for suggesting I apply to be a DEN STAR the first year […]

  12. Curiosity in the Classroom Webinar Archives Available

    We’re pretty sure that you know about all of the free resources and tools Discovery Education provides to engage your students.  In case you haven’t, we’ve presented on these tools and have archives available for watching here. Last week we finished a 2-part series of virtual events, one aimed for educators and one for students, to support […]

  13. We Have a Winner!

    Our BulleDEN Board project has been a great success.  Educators displayed their creativity in amazing ways – from online glogs to prezis to awesome boards displayed in hallways and classrooms.  It was great to see STAR Discovery Educators showing their love for Discovery Education.  We know these BulleDEN Boards, whether displayed online or in a […]

  14. What is in YOUR bag of Tech Tricks?

    Recently I read  some great posts on Tony Vincent’s webpage “Learning in Hand“. As I continued to click to different links it lead me to other pages and blogs he has created over the years. The post that struck me was his writing about what tech he uses and which devices he finds the most […]

  15. Congratulations, Edith! Way to go, REMC 7!

    REMC Usage Drive

    After months of fierce competition, the results are in! We are happy to announce that Edith E. of  St. Frances de Sales school in Manistique, MI is the top “medalist” in the Discovery Education Fall 2012 REMC Usage Drive! We know that the Back-to-School time frame is often the busiest time of the year. However, Edith […]

  16. Connect and Celebrate… Holidays Around the World!

    Join educators from around the world, as they learn how to integrate Discovery Education digital resources into lessons about how countries celebrate traditions, complete student digital scavenger hunts, explore how your students can create customizable Google Maps, and connect your classes to discuss what they love to celebrate through video chats.         […]

  17. Give #DENthanks and Share Your Story

    This is the time of year when people share things they are thankful for.  In the DEN, we are thankful for all of you – the fantastic educators who love to share, collaborate, and learn from each other.  Working with you over the years has been wonderful and the DEN wouldn’t be what it is […]

  18. Albuquerque Celebrates Teaching and Learning

    Last Thursday, November 8, Albuquerque Public Schools and Discovery Education joined forces to host an open house event at Zuni Elementary School. The purpose of the event was to shine a light on the ways APS educators are transforming teaching and learning through the use of digital media. APS is leveraging the power of technology […]

  19. Tomorrow belongs to those that can collaborate and create in concert


    I really believe that tomorrow belongs to those that can collaborate and create in concert. I don’t believe that for an effective collaboration to exist that everyone will have the same high level of commitment to every decision or action.  Yet, I do believe that as people work together there are times when a individual […]

  20. Matt’s Media Tips 11-13-2012

    When I was growing up math was the one subject that could always make me break out into a panic induced sweat.  I learned math through rote and repetition and struggled to find the relevance.  I used to be petrified of the day when my son or daughter asked me to help them with their […]

  21. S.O.S: Where in the World

    Welcome to week 6 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Where in the World PDF Version           Background When we can’t take our children around the world, we need to find creative ways to […]

  22. Siemens STEM Carnival

    Are you a K-8 teacher interested in sharing resources, learning about best practices related to STEM, or connecting with other educators?  Attend the Siemens STEM Fair and Science Day on Saturday, December 1st.  This free event runs from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Langley Education Campus, 101 T Street Northeast in Washington, DC. […]