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  1. Maximizing Access Through Innovative Reading Assessment Design

    Thank you so much to Teresa King (ETS) and Barbara Flores (California State – San Bernardino) for joining us to share their thoughts and expertise in the third event of our “Implementing Inclusive Assessment & Student Evaluation” series. In this event King discussed her work defining, designing, and perfecting accessible item formats for reading assessment […]

  2. Mousey Monday!

        Happy Mousey Monday Cache and Cookie readers! Mousey wanted to bring to your attention our Calendar tool! The tool helps students to connect the past and present with videos tied to historical events on a particular date!   Teachers and administrators with active DE streaming licenses can access this tool under the Teacher […]

  3. STEM the Tide at Pennsbury Manor


         I was happy to be able to attend a workshop at Pennsbury Manor in Morrisville, PA on STEM concepts. The Manor is the archaeological restoration of William Penn’s home on the Delaware River rebuilt in 1937. The “STEM the Tide” event hosted 6 presenters. This was a great opportunity to connect with other teachers […]

  4. Science Alive! at Old Salem

    At NCSTA this week, I learned about a new opportunity from the folks at Old Salem, in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Old Salem is widely known for the depth and breadth of their activities designed to provide authentic experiences for families and students to learn about life in colonial times, as the Moravians originally lived in […]

  5. Getting The Most Out Of Your Interactive Item Summary

    This short video was developed for our wonderful educators in Clark County, Nevada. But it has just as much utility for educators throughout the nation. Play the video right here from this blog if you are interested in brushing up on your skills, learning a few new strategies, or introducing yourself to one of the […]

  6. PA Computer Fair 2013


    The 2013 Bucks County Regional Event of the PA High School Computer Fair is scheduled for Friday, March 1, 2013 at the Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22. If your interested in other counties Regional Events Here is the link  The Computer Fair is an annual event that highlights Pennsylvania high school students’ application skills […]

  7. A Quick Screencast

    I was great to see the last DEN newsletter feature 12 new Canadian STARs. Thanks to Chad and team for getting our technical issues sorted out. As I travel around and get to know the many educators across Canada using Discovery, it’s certainly evident how many fantastic, passionate teachers are out there. When I consider […]

  8. Vote for the Best BulleDEN Board


    The big election took place a short time ago, but it’s time to vote again!  We’re looking for your input and need you to vote for the best BulleDEN Board.  For the project, members had the option of creating a virtual board or a real board, sharing the power of the DEN or Discovery Education.  […]

  9. PhET Science & Math Simulations

    Are you looking for ways to introduce your students to basic and advanced science concepts? Do you have a one-computer classroom? Check out these awesome science simulations on the PhET site in all science content areas from the University of Colorado at Boulder. I was looking for a way to show my students how the movement of […]

  10. BYOD QR Code Library Scavenger Hunt

    Scanning QR Codes in the Media Center

    Being an information specialist, i.e. Media Specialist, it is my job to show my high school students new ways to access information.  One of the latest and greatest ways to link or retrieve information is by the use of QR Codes.  Inspired by the Daring Librarian who used the QR Codes to create a Library Scavenger […]

  11. BulleDEN Board Finalists Day 5

    Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 10.41.23 AM

    Today is the day we reveal our final set of BulleDEN Board finalists.  If you’ve missed the previous finalists, you can view the first, second, third, and fourth groups again.  We’ll start the voting for the winners tomorrow morning – visit the DEN blogs to make your vote!  The winners of each category (virtual or […]

  12. Things I Think You Should Read

    Here are a few more articles and blog posts I’ve come across.  If you’d like to take a look at previous “Things I Think You Should Read” posts, you can do so here.  I hope you enjoy this edition.   @markbarnes19 writes that Twitter is the Best Education PD, Period! And it’s Free! Defining Digital […]

  13. Effective STEM Assessment Techniques for Low-Incidence Populations

    Thank you so much to Cary Supalo (Illinois State University/Independence Science) and Peg Hartwig (Marshfield Schools) for joining us to share their thoughts and expertise in the second event of our “Implementing Inclusive Assessment & Student Evaluation” series. In this event Supalo discussed his work advocating for and creating modifications to drive hands-on authentic lab […]

  14. And the Winner Is…

    Last night’s election capped a season of intense political campaigning that culminated in four more years for our sitting President, Barack Obama.  While I was surprised that a winner was declared before I went to sleep, I couldn’t quite manage to stay awake to hear the acceptance and concession speeches.  My 5th grader also wanted […]

  15. BulleDEN Board Finalists Day 4

    Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 10.41.23 AM

    Here are 2 more finalists for the BulleDEN Board project.  If you missed the previous finalists, you can see those here, here, and here.  We’ll share one more set of finalists tomorrow and then you, the DEN Community, will begin voting on Friday, November 9. Virtual Board #4 Real Board #4 (Click on the thumbnail […]

  16. We Give Books

    I recently discovered the site We Give Books and I am so excited! I’m always looking for ways to read with and model reading strategies for my students. I use my document camera with my projector and I huddle everyone around me as I read, but this site presents another awesome and FREE option. Full versions of many […]

  17. BulleDEN Board Finalists Day 3

    Screen shot 2012-11-02 at 10.41.23 AM

    Here’s the next set of BulleDEN Board project finalists!  We’ve shared the first group of finalists on Friday and the second group yesterday.  We’ll share another group of finalists tomorrow and the last group on Thursday.  You, the DEN Community, will vote for the winners beginning Friday, November 9th. Virtual Board #3   Real Board […]

  18. DEN STAR Ben Rimes & K12 Online Conference

    Ben Rimes was another DEN STAR sharing his knowledge with others during the K12 Online Conference. Here’s the presentation description from the conference website: Presentation Description: Traditional story problems are dull. They’re usually disconnected from real world scenarios and learner’s experiences, and are presented in an artificial manner. Through the use of video, students and […]

  19. NC DEN Idea Exchange

    DEN Idea Exchange Join the NC DEN for an Educator Idea Exchange! Bring your favorite idea, activity or component of Discovery Education services to share (gift wrap is optional). Plan to get lots of great ideas in return, enjoy some dinner, explore an awesome branch of the Greensboro Public Library and meet other         DEN-thusiastic educators […]

  20. S.O.S: Can You Guess My 2-1-4

    Welcome to week 5 of our Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our new S.O.S series to provide help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. 2-1-4 (PDF Version)           Background My very creative friend and colleague, Lance Rougeux started a project  last year with his wife’s class. When he […]

  21. Join Discovery For Two Upcoming Assessment Events

    Please join us during the 2012-2013 school year as we travel the country for local workshops that focus on our Discovery Education Assessment tools. These exciting and interactive afternoons and evenings of professional development will highlight creative ways to meet your students’ needs using your Discovery Education Assessment tools and resources. Prizes will be many! Next week’s […]

  22. Matt’s Tips and Tricks 11-5-2012

    During this week we’ll explore how the Discovery Education Interactive Calendar is being used in new and unique ways to capture students’ imaginations and engage them in different ways.  I’ll share stories from around the country.  We’ll also exclore a free interactive timeline tool and mobile app as well as list a whole host of […]