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  1. Twenty Days of Techbook – Twenty ideas, tips and tricks as our gift to you during this holiday season – Day 19

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    The Definition Debate Have students watch the animation for key glossary terms in your current concept. Have them create their own definition using evidence from the animation (Including the text portion of the animation). Have students do a think/pair/share to come to consensus on small group definition. Put all of the group definitions on a bulletin board or web form and have students […]

  2. PETE&C DEN Star Spotlight Episode One


    Over the past ten years I have been lucky enough to attend and present at the Pennsylvania Educational Technology Conference and Expo.  It has really grown over the years.  PETE&C has attracted some great keynote speakers such as Jeff Corwin and Dan Pink.  This year the keynote speakers are Jonathan Strickland senior writer for and co-host […]