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  1. Twenty Days of Techbook – Twenty ideas, tips and tricks as our gift to you during this holiday season – Day 20

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    Evidence Scavenger Hunt Can be used for 1-1 or in small groups. Provide the students with an essential question and challenge the students to find as many assets in Techbook that provide evidence that students can use to build a claim about the essential question. Use the scientific explanation activity from Techbook to assist the students in the process. Determine a time […]

  2. AP Calculus: Back to the Future!

    back future

    I have traveled back in time to the 20th Century, teaching AP Calculus with a hard covered time machine, which had no support beyond the examples in each section and odd numbered answers.  I spent first quarter struggling to efficiently and effectively teach this advanced curriculum, knowing that the “future” held so much more support. […]