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DEN STARs in the News: Cheryl Phillips

DEN STARs in the News: Cheryl Phillips

The Washington Post shared an interesting article lately.  The article centered  on Bilbo Boudin Baggett, or “Bo” for short, and he belongs to Cheryl Phillips, a teacher at Pennington Traditional school in Manassas. Phillips acquired her doughy friend almost four years ago during a trip with Discovery Education to the Boudin Bakery in San Francisco,

Kinship, Friendship, DENship

If you’ve read the DEN blogs much, which we certainly hope you do, then you are sure to have seen the handy work of Pennsylvania STAR Discovery Educator, RJ Stangherlin. She is a prolific blogger, managing to live-blog a session and have it posted with pictures and links sometimes before the presenter has said “the

What’s The Matter? Science LiveStreams with Patti Duncan & Duane Waber

After blogging the Science TechBook Live last Saturday, it seemed appropriate to follow up with a specialized program that has become a Discovery Education monthly staple, and a standard for excellence. Feel free to join us live if you can, or view the archive at a later date. This month Patti Duncan and Duane Waber

Are you LEARNing?

Every so often, I browse some of my favorite blogs for inspiration. I found the reminder I needed this morning on DEN Guru Jen Wagner’s blog ‘Thoughts by Jen‘. I have the privilege of traveling, presenting, and learning among very talented educators each week, but after I read Jen’s post “Opportunity: LEARN”  I have to