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Navy STEM for the Classroom

Navy STEM for the Classroom

NavySTEMfortheClassroom.com provides unique STEM educational opportunities for high school students, introducing them to exciting curriculum that sparks interest and enthusiasm for STEM.  The program will introduce STEM concepts (such as engineering, biomedical, electronics, technology, etc.) through engaging curriculum and interactive tools and will create the connection between individual student interests and relevant career choices (for example: If you are interested

All You Need Is Love

I think the Beatles were on to something with their hit song “All You Need Is Love”. Written in 1967 by John Lennon, the Beatles had been tasked with coming up with a simple message that could be easily understood throughout the world. Love is a universal language that brings us together and makes us

Lunar New Year at Discovery

Discovery employees celebrated Lunar New Year at Discovery headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland with the Asian Cultural Alliance. It is the year of the Snake! There was a special Korean musical performance called the Pansori. There were also games, giveaways and best of all: food!                    

Dean and Steve take on @TCEA

Dean Shareski and Steve Dembo visited Texas a few weeks ago for TCEA.  They teamed up together to give the TECSIG Luncheon Keynote and after watching it myself, knew it needed to be shared.  I found the presentation enjoyable.  Take a look yourself.    

I <3 DEN by Mary Anne Jezierski

I love the DEN because it has allowed me to grow as a professional and gain confidence. I work at a Catholic school that is run by a parish. You can imagine how small my world is! The DEN has given me the opportunity to collaborate with other teachers from around the country and and

Why I Love The DEN

I have been a part of the Discovery Educator Network almost since its inception.  I wasn’t at that first NECC (now ISTE) conference when the idea was birthed.  Honestly, I didn’t know NECC or ISTE existed.  I was just a 7th/8th grade English teacher trying to find ways to interest kids in diagramming sentences, fixing