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Meet Marco: An Amazing Educator With An Amazing Resource

Meet Marco: An Amazing Educator With An Amazing Resource

Last week I was in Albuquerque Public Schools working with a group of high school students who are members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee (SAC). Each of the 18 SAC members invited a teacher to attend a day of learning and professional development focused on Discovery Education. We spent the day with the teachers

NC STAR Spotlight

Meet Dacia Jones   Where do you teach? Catawba County Schools   What do you teach? Instructional Coach   When did you become a DEN member? March 2012   What’s your favorite thing about being a DEN member? I love the family feeling! In less than a year I have acquired many new friends that

Meet Alison from NC at #DENSI2013

This is Alison Schleede, STAR Discovery Educator from Mooresville, NC. She’s going to the DEN Summer Institute July 14-19 in beautiful Burlington, VT. She’s on the DEN Leadership Council too, so she’s joining us for a special DENSI PreCon on July 12 and 13 too! Here’s her DEN story: Tell us yours. The main portion of

PETE&C a debrief

My PETE&C day started at 4:30 Am.  The goal was to get to Hershey before 7 am so I could take part in the Pete-Lets.  This was held each morning for presenters to get 2 min to sell their sessions.  They were only allowing the first 20 presenters who showed up to present.  I hit

Brianna Adair and the DENSI “Cup Song”

I’ll go ahead and confess that I have not seen “Pitch Perfect” so the Cup Song made popular there and then covered many times over on YouTube didn’t hit my radar until this week. Here’s the short history: 1937 Mainers Mountaineers released “Miss Me When I’m Gone” 2009 Lulu and the Lampshades posted their “Cups”

DENchat Making Its Official Debut!

Mark your calendars.  Next Thursday, February 28, at 8 PM EST the #DENchat hashtag on Twitter will become an “official” conversation on Twitter! In a recent webinar with the Blog and Social Coordinators for each state’s leadership councils, Porter Palmer and Steve Dembo talked to us about this thought that #DENchat become more than just

S.O.S: Did You Hear That?!?

Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series  provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Did You Hear That?!? PDF Version Background A single note from a song can take us back in time and the creak of a darkened home can send our hearts racing.  Though sound is