Brianna Adair and the DENSI “Cup Song”

I’ll go ahead and confess that I have not seen “Pitch Perfect” so the Cup Song made popular there and then covered many times over on YouTube didn’t hit my radar until this week. Here’s the short history:
1937 Mainers Mountaineers released “Miss Me When I’m Gone
2009 Lulu and the Lampshades posted their “Cups” version
2011 Then 17-year old Anna Burden covered it too
2012 “Cups” shows up in Pitch Perfect and tons of covers show up on You Tube (Including this one from Chad’s daughter Kaitlyn)

2013 Meet Brianna Adair, daughter of Kim Adair. Kim is a STAR Discovery Educator from PA a member of the DEN Leadership Council. Brianna and Kim worked on modifying the lyrics for #DENSI2013. Tell me this doesn’t make your day!

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  1. Lori Abrahams

    Very cool -

  2. Peg Hartwig

    Wow! This is very cool!! Great Job Adair ladies!

  3. Judy Uhrig

    Dang! I think SHE should get to go! Never mind being able to sing like that-the cup thing is DENmerizing! I would have lost it after the first flip.

  4. Jennifer Kraft

    Awesome! She has a great voice! Is she going to go along to Vermont!?!?!?

  5. Katie Warren

    How fun is this?!

  6. Toni Plourde

    Beautiful voice! Cool song!

  7. Janice Abernethy

    Super cool! I hope you get to go to DEN, Kim! It wouldn’t be the same without you. Your daughter is beautiful and talented just like her mom!!!!

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