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  1. DENchat Making Its Official Debut!

    Mark your calendars.  Next Thursday, February 28, at 8 PM EST the #DENchat hashtag on Twitter will become an “official” conversation on Twitter! In a recent webinar with the Blog and Social Coordinators for each state’s leadership councils, Porter Palmer and Steve Dembo talked to us about this thought that #DENchat become more than just […]

  2. S.O.S: Did You Hear That?!?

    Welcome to  Spotlight on Strategies Challenge!  Our S.O.S series  provides help, tips, and tricks for integrating DE media into your curriculum. Did You Hear That?!? PDF Version Background A single note from a song can take us back in time and the creak of a darkened home can send our hearts racing.  Though sound is […]

  3. Rosa Parks


    Kelsey Johnson wanted to share with our Cache and Cookies readers her piece on Rosa Parks: In Honor of Black History Month, we wanted to recognize and commemorate a few events and persons that have created a lasting impression on our history. Today we spotlight Rosa Parks, a courageous woman who helped pave the path […]

  4. Dr. Seuss Day

    It’s hard to believe, but Dr. Seuss’ birthday is coming up in just two weeks. If you are not an elementary school teacher, you may not realize that this holiday rivals Christmas and Valentine’s Day for the craziest holiday of the year. It’s hard to be upset though, when this one is based around a […]

  5. Spotlight Series Educational Apps: Nearpod

    Ever wonder what great educational APP you should check out for your class?!? Welcome to the Spotlight Series on fantastic apps from Discovery Educators! Featuring this week’s app:     Nearpod Handout with Tips and Tricks Description: Nearpod is an interactive presentation tool.  The presentation is controlled by the presenter, keeping iPad users focused and […]

  6. Join Discovery Education at NCCE 2013!

    Greetings, DEN STARs of the great Northwest (and beyond)! We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at NCCE 2013 in Portland next week! Discovery Education will have many exciting things happening at the conference, and we can’t wait to connect with you. Be sure to RSVP for our learning carnival reception, and read on […]

  7. Doodle 4 Google: Collaborative brainstorming

    Two things I love happened today. First, I introduced the Doodle 4 Google contest to my students. My 7th and 8th classes cheered. (I am not sure about your 7th and 8th graders – but cheering for a project is not a  normal occurrence in my middle school classes.) Second, we brainstormed as a class. Brainstorming […]

  8. DEN March Madness – Entry #1 – Edmodo


    College basketball is heating up with March Madness only a few weeks away.  For the DEN, March Madness is already here! Here’s the first team! Edmodo Marion Jacob nominates Edmodo.  Here is Marion’s description of how she feels about Edmodo and how she uses in with her students. Edmodo is an educational social networking platform that […]

  9. Meet Edie from MI at #DENSI2013

    This is Edie Erickson, STAR Discovery Educator from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. She’s going to the DEN Summer Institute July 14-19 in beautiful Burlington, VT. Here’s her DEN story: Tell us yours. The main portion of this year’s application is a short  (unedited) video that t ells your DEN story. We want to know about you and […]

  10. Favorites from the DEN Team

    The DEN Team loves sharing. We love sharing things we’ve learned ourselves and things we’ve learned from others. Below are 5 things we think are worth sharing. Will these be brand new to everyone who reads them? Who knows? If they are new, great. If not, perhaps it’s time to reconnect and find a way […]

  11. Facebook Template Ideas

    fb template

    I’ve done posts before about using Facebook templates for your students to create engaging and thought-provoking projects. Considering the focus in the Common Core State Standards on characterization, understanding point of view, and writing across genres, this really lends itself well to addressing these concepts. I just wanted to share this NEW Wonderful Free Facebook […]

  12. Looking at the Tennessee STARs

    If you are a STAR Discovery Educator in the DEN, and you are presenting at a local, regional, state, or national conference, we would like to know about it!  The National DEN Leadership is tracking the STARs through a giant telescope called Google! So, if you are a STAR DEN member presenting at a conference […]

  13. iPad iMovie Trailers

    So the first of a series of after-school workshops at our school wrapped up with an amazing example of what can happen when students are given the opportunity to create.  The greatest accomplishment of any educational activity is when students become inspired and the learning does not stop at the doors of the school. iMovie […]

  14. PETE&C Day of Discovery Pre-Con is Awesome!

    Taking a new twist on the day, the pre-conference was divided into sessions in the morning, an app slam at lunch and unconference in the afternoon. This was well received by the attendees, many of whom had never participated in an unconference before. Sessions included an augmented reality discussion about the following apps: Aurasma, iFunFace, Imag-n-o-tron, […]

  15. DEN STARs in the News: Tim Chase


    Attendees at the upcoming Northwest Council for Computer Education Conference in Portland, Oregon, will have the opportunity this year to hear from Oregon DEN STAR Tim Chase.  Tim has been selected as a Featured Speaker for the conference, which runs from February 26 to March 1st. Tim’s presentations at the conference include: Blended GooMoodleOdo Classroom Tues, […]

  16. This week at DENvice: Heather is in the House!

      DENvice welcomes the ever talented Heather Hurley! Heather is taking on this week’s question – What are some of the ways you are using the Writing Prompt builder to engage students? Visit the DENvice page and let us know how you use this amazing resource with your students. What is DENvice? DENvice is a place to […]

  17. Got STEM?

    I wanted to share some great STEM opportunities which are currently available to you and your students. Check these out! Siemens STEM Connect Webinar TWO EVENTS – LIVE FROM THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL TELESCOPE! Presented by Jeffrey Hall, Director, The Rotunda at Lowell Observatory A BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK AT THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL TELESCOPE February 26 […]

  18. Mousey Monday


      Happy Mousey Monday from Mousey to our Cache and Cookie readers! Discovery employees have the day off today to celebrate Presidents’ Day! However, Mousey still wanted to check in, and wish you all a Happy Presidents’ Day!   Presidents’ Day is the federal US holiday officially designated as George Washington’s birthday. Washington’s actual birthday […]

  19. 2013 Pringles Challenge


    Are you looking for an engaging way to bring science, engineering and design into your middle school classroom? Sign up for the 2013 Pringles Challenge!   What’s the basic idea? Small teams of students design a package which will safely transport a single Pringles potato chip through the US postal service to another school. The […]

  20. Many More Students Learning At Higher Levels: Appreciating Both the Potential and the Complexity


    We will benefit by appreciating both the complexity of dramatically improve education and the opportunity to uncap much more potential of our youth as we tackle the challenges ahead to improving education. There is no way to avoid appreciating the complexity of the many challenges related to improving education: poverty levels for children rising in […]