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Thinking together, we can accomplish much!

Thinking together, we can accomplish much!

I have been thinking a lot about what is takes to help adults develop the skills, dispositions and knowledge to intentionally think interdependently. Below, you will find some of my thoughts. Qualities of Effective Collaborators                  Actions to Positively Impact Your Skills  Appreciate the nature of adult learning Learn from or revisit the work

2013 MACUL Conference (D-Town!)

      The time is fast approaching for the wildly popular MACUL Conference in Detroit! For those that are attending, thinking about attending, or even mildly interested about attending PLEASE think about trying out one or more of the pre-conference sessions. These sessions are very worth the cost of attending. They cover more in-depth topics and

Another Point of View

I had the privilege of escorting 111 fourth graders, staff, and parents to Raleigh, NC via the Amtrak on Monday. Our plans were to visit the Legislative Building, NC Science Museum, and Museum of History. Well- those were the plans! We arrived at school at 4:45 am and began our journey. The Amtrak was delayed

More Favorites from the DEN Team

As you know, the DEN Team loves sharing.  Below are a few more sites we think are worth sharing.  If they’re new, that’s great.  If they’re not, that’s okay too.  Explore, learn, and try these out.  Let us know what you think.  

DEN Spring Virtual Conference LIVE in Knoxville!

The Spring Virtual Conference is scheduled for Saturday, April 20th.  While the exact schedule of livestreamed talks are still being ironed out, there is ONE we know for sure! Lance Rougeux will be streaming his session LIVE from the STEM space at the L&N STEM Academy in beautiful downtown Knoxville, TN!  The L&N STEM Academy