Archives for March 6, 2013

  1. More from PETE&C

    If you want to make your students think and laugh at the same time, share with them. It is a weekly update of oddities found in textbooks. The comments are often as funny as the textbook print. Lance Rougeux shared this table for apps/sites and their use: . One of the fun activities on this page […]

  2. Earth March Madness

      Gather your students, co-workers, family and have some geeky fun with NASA’s Earth Observatory.   Here is great way to get your students and others involved in remote sensing science and Earth science:   Earth March Madness!  Vote for your favorite images of 2012 in a bracket style tournament!!    First round of voting is […]

  3. Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week!

    [Post written by Kelsey Johnson] Next week is National Multiple Sclerosis Society Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week (March 1th – March 17th). Many of us know someone, or know of someone who has suffered with Multiple Sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis is commonly referred to as MS, which is a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system. […]

  4. DEN March Madness – Entry #12 – Symbaloo


    California DEN STAR and LC Member Katie Warren loves SymbalooEDU and we’re adding it as another entry in DEN March Madness.  SymbalooEDU is a great way to organize and share your favorite parts of the web with others, including your students.  You can organize your teaching resources in one place! According to Katie, “SymbalooEDU makes […]

  5. Meet Kim from ID at #DENSI2013

    This is Kim Miller, a DEN Leadership Council Member from Idaho.  She’s been accepted to attend the DEN Summer Institute July 14-19 in Burlington, VT. Here’s her DEN story:   Tell us yours. The main portion of this year’s application is a short  (unedited) video that t ells your DEN story. We want to know about you […]