Daily Archives: March 7, 2013

Great Expectations!

Well today was a first. Since both of my schools are being vetted as true  STEM schools, I am making sure that all 1000  students have an opportunity to experience a hands-on lab each week. Today was my first experience with our Pre-K students. I set up the lab with microscopes, rocks and minerals, animal tracks and

DEN STARs in the News: Matthew Farber

New Jersey DEN STAR Matthew Farber is another DEN STAR in the News!  Matthew wrote a reflection about the class-created iPad book his students authored.  The book, The Corns Visit the 13 Colonies, is available via iTunes.  Matthew submitted his reflection to the NJEA Review magazine.  His article appeared in the February issue, which was

Old School Ideas and Games to improve 21st Century Skills

  Students, teachers and the tools we use for learning in the 21st century are evolving. The classroom is no longer a place for memorization of facts, which students learn and then give back on a test. Project based learning, critical and analytic thinking, collaboration within and outside the school walls are becoming the norm

Meet Shelby from MO at #DENSI2013

This is Shelby Bailey, a new STAR Discovery Educator from Missouri. She’s been accepted to attend the DEN Summer Institute July 14-19 in Burlington, VT. Here’s her DEN story: Tell us yours. The main portion of this year’s application is a short (unedited) video that t ells your DEN story. We want to know about

NC DEN STAR Spotlight

Meet DAYSON PASION   Where do you teach? Graham Middle School   What do you teach? 8th Grade Science   When did you become a DEN member? Fall 2012   What’s your favorite thing about being a DEN member? Communicating with fellow DEN Stars and bouncing ideas off one another.   What’s your teaching super