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DEN Reads!

DEN Reads!

“Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” Harry S. Truman   Most articles that cite the common traits and habits of great leaders say that being a reader is one of them. Leaders read everything, not as an attempt at intellectual elitism, but for the constant consumption of knowledge. Even Forbes magazine

How did testing and accountability become the main levers of school reform? ~ Diane Ravitch

We all need to stop and think deeply about what we want for all children. I am convinced that the ‘easy answer’ of letting narrow products, “tests”, measure the value of schools to our society is foolhardy!  Further, I am convinced that our society needs to be investing in ways to improve education for all

This week on DENvice: Be active in the DEN!

This week on DENvice we welcome one of our very favorite people, DEN Guru and South Carolina LC member Karen Ogen. This week’s question: How can I be an active member of the DEN?  Hint from the DEN Princess, your answer might include the words – share, connect and support. Thank you to all of our