Daily Archives: March 11, 2013

Tired of Begging!

I am so sick and tired of having to beg for every little thing I need for my schools. I have to go incognito to Home Depot or Lowe’s Home Improvement stores and get paint chips for vocabulary and math games. There are just so many excuses that you can come up with for that.

Using Technology to Transform Education: Tennessee

SCORE is hosting a virtual convening on March 13, 2013 at 3:30 CDT with a panel of Tennessee educators to discuss how technology can be used to transform teaching and learning.  The interactive event will be live streamed to allow educators from across the state to participate in the discussion and contribute their diverse perspectives

Water Cycle for Kids

Did you know that the USGS has put out a new Water Cycle poster for kids? Check it out. Click HERE for more information, a printable version and versions in multiple languages!


inklewriter is a FREE tool designed to let you write and publish interactive, choose-your-own-adventure (or branching) stories. Once created, your stories can be published and shared! The reader can choose whichever path they want the story to take as they read along! Title, author, beginning, introduction, sections or paragraphs… these are some of the elements

DEN March Madness Vote Now for Round 1

Voting is now open for our 2013 March Madness Challenge.  The community has entered their favorite tools, sites, and apps to use with Discovery Education and we’ve taken those submissions, narrowed the list to 16, and created a bracket.  Now it’s up to you, the DEN Community, to tell us which ones should move on