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Common Core Standards in Student Friendly Language

Common Core Standards in Student Friendly Language

Curriculum standards can be hard for adults to understand let alone students and parents.  The Curriculum Corner has an excellent solution.  They have created posters for grades K-5 that explain the standards in student friendly language.  Each poster is presented as a checklist so students can use it to see how they are doing and

A New Webinar Series: On Common Ground with the Common Core

You are the first to know!  We are launching a new webinar series on the Common Core State Standards beginning in April.  Each webinar will feature unique CCSS implementation strategies, advice from expert practitioners and solutions from Discovery Education. The first one is on April 24th and features a conversation with Dr. Irene Fountas and

This week on DENvice: Creativity in the classroom

This week on DENvice, our amazing moderator is DENvice team member and Maryland LC member Selena Ward. Selena is incredibly passionate about giving her students opportunities to express themselves creatively. Here is this week’s question: In Kindergarten, students believe they are artists and have no fear when they create. For every year students are in

Need Money?

If you are an educator, I am sure that you are yelling YES at the screen right now. Funding our dreams in the classroom can be very expensive and unfortunately our schools can’t always help out. Have you tried websites like Donors Choose? Simple, simple to join and a very easy to write proposal. You

DEN STARs in the News: Jane Martellino

Congratulations to Connecticut DEN STAR Jane Martellino who was selected as Teacher of the Year for New Fairfield Schools in Connecticut for 2013.  Jane was also a semi-finalist for the State Teacher of the Year.  To see a complete list of award winners, click here. Congratulations Jane! Have you been recognized in your local newspaper?